• Misconduct Investigation Procedure by UKRIO (2008)http://ukrio.org/publications/misconduct-investigation-procedure/

    Table of contents: Foreword, Procedure for the investigation of misconduct in research, Part A Background for the use of the Procedure, Part B Preparatory steps, Part C The Procedure, Annexes.

  • The concordat to support research integrity by Universities UK (2012)26 Pages

    Table of contents: Summary of commitments, Foreword by the Minister for Universities and Science, Foreword by the signatories to the concordat, Introduction, Maintaining the highest standards of research integrity, Embedding a culture of research integrity, Dealing with allegations of research misconduct, A commitment to strengthening research integrity, Annexe I-III

  • RCUK Policy and Guidelines on Governance of Good Research Conduct (2013)10 Pages

    Table of contents: Introduction, Section 1: Good Research Conduct: Scope and Expectations, Section 2: Guidelines on the Promotion of Good Research Conduct, Section 3: Unacceptable Research Conduct, Section 4: Guidelines on the Reporting and Investigation of Unacceptable Research Conduct

  • Guidance for researchers on retractions in academic journals by UKRIO, COPE (2010)6 Pages

    Table of contents: Introduction, Contents and suggested distrubution, Standards for retractions, corrections and expressions of concern, The responsibilities of researchers, organisations and authors, Further information.

  • Code of Practice for Research. Promoting Good Practice and Preventing Misconduct by UKRIO (2009)27 Pages

    Table of contents: Introduction, Principles, Standards for organisations and researchers, Appendix: Acknowledgements and bibiography.

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