• Annual Report LOWI 20229 Pages

    Table of contents: composition, status, tasks, affiliated institutions, advisory opinions issued in 2022, 2022 in figures

  • Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (2018)32 Pages

    Table of contents: .Preamble, Scope and transitional provisions, Principles, Standards for good research practices, Institutions’ duties of care, Non-compliance with standards: measures and sanctions, Appendix.

  • Responsible Research Data Management and the Prevention of Scientific Misconduct by Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science (2013)84 Pages

    Table of Contents: Foreword, Introduction, Responsible Research Data Management, Integrity in Scientific Research, Preparation for Scientific Research in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and during researcher training, Summary

  • A Code of Conduct for Biosecurity. Report by the Biosecurity Working Group (2008)44 Pages

    Table of contents: Introduction and background, Biosecurity Code of Conduct, Explanatory notes to the text of the code of conduct, Background to a Biosecurity Code of Conduct, Appendices .

  • The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice by VSNU (2012)15 Pages

    This Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice was drawn up at the request of the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (Vereniging van Universiteiten, VSNU). The Code consists of this preamble, the principles and the best practices. The Code is divided into five parts: I. Scrupulousness, II. Reliability, III. Verifiability, IV. Impartiality, V. Independence.

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