• Policy for Dealing with Alleged Research Misconduct in Applications Made to the HRB3 Pages

    Table of contents: Background, Scope, Policy, Initial Action, Contact with the Complainant, Contact with the Institution, HRB Action

  • HRB Guidelines for Host Institutions on the Handling of Allegations of Research Misconduct5 Pages

    Table of contents: Background, Definitions of Research Misconduct, Host institution policy and procedures, Essential content of the host institution policy and procedure, Stages of the investigation process, Right of appeal, Final decision, Possible sanctions

  • National policy statement on Ensuring Research Integrity in Ireland (2014)24 Pages

    Table of contents: Introduction, Commitments to foster and ensure research integrity, Commitment 1: Standards, Commitment 2: Education, Commitment 3: Collaboration for continuous improvement, Commitment 4: Action to address misconduct. confidence in the Irish research system.

  • HRB Guidelines for Host Institutions on Good Research Practice5 Pages

    Table of contents: Background, General principles on which these guidelines are based, Host institution policies and procedures, Integrity, Openness, Guidance from professional bodies and legislation, Supervision, Training, Ethical practice, Conducting the research, Primary data/samples, Publication of research results, Applying and exploiting results, Other relevant information sources.

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