ENRIO stands for the European Network of Research Integrity Offices. It began as an initiative by the then director of the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) to bring together  a group of eight people who were dealing with questions about research integrity, or lack of, within their national organisations. The group met for the first time in London in March 2008, just months after the first World Conference on Research Integrity in Lisbon, Portugal. They decided to establish an (informal) European Network to enhance research integrity within Europe in a world with growing international cooperation.
Andrew Stainthorpe of UKRIO was the first chair (2008-2009), followed by Dirk de Hen of the Dutch LOWI (2009-2012). The current chair of ENRIO (since April 2012) is Nicole Foeger of the Austrian OeAWI. In November 2015 an ENRIO Board has been established: The two permanent co-chairs for the next three years are Torkild Vinther (ETIKKOM, Norway) and Asael Rouby (FNR, Luxembourg). ENRIO aims to facilitate discussions and share knowledge, experiences and (possible) solutions related to the investigation of allegations of misconduct in research and to consider questions on training and education with regard to research integrity and good research practices.
This website informs you about the members of ENRIO and their organisations and roles within their country. The website makes available numerous documents and links to codes and guidelines on research integrity, good practices, misconduct, training and education. It also provides some examples of cases of misconduct. The website is a dynamic forum and its content will change over time, hopefully with your help.