UKRIO Annual Virtual Conference 2023

UKRIO Annual Virtual Conference 2023

UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) will be hosting its annual conference on 24 May.

The conference is open to everyone, especially it is aimed at students, researchers, and research integrity specialists. The conference is free and online.

The theme of UKRIO’s 2023 conference is ‘Research integrity – culture and confidence ’. Conference sessions will explore how the research community can work together to:

  • Ensure research is high quality and worthy of public trust.
  • Embed a culture of integrity in the research that we do, in the organizations in which we work, and in the systems that fund, monitor, assess and disseminate research.
  • Ensure that research environments and systems promote good practice and high ethical standards, and respond to the wider issues facing society
    Share perspectives and knowledge to support each other and to help ensure diversity and equality of participation.

Keynote speakers confirmed for this year’s conference are:

Petra Boynton, Consultant, The Research Companion
Ivan Oransky, Retraction Watch

You can find the conference programmer here: UKRIO Annual_conference_programme_2023