Save the date: 4-6th October 2023! Academic and Research Integrity Conference Ireland 2023

Save the date: 4-6th October 2023!

Academic and Research Integrity Conference Ireland 2023

Hosted in Galway City by University of Galway, Ireland, in partnership with National Academic Integrity Network (NAIN).

Teaching, learning, and research are all underpinned by integrity. Higher education (and its relationships with wider society) depends on mutual trust, ethical behaviour, openness and respect. There is, however, a sense of a growing threat to these fundamental values from dishonesty, malpractice, fraud, and indeed deliberate targeting by cheating providers, predatory publishers, and others. Technology (including advances in artificial intelligence) is also considered to have exacerbated this threat in recent times.

Such challenges, though, also provide an opportunity to think more deeply about how we assess student learning, and how we undertake and recognise research and scholarly publishing.

Submissions are now open until June 19th.

This event offers a space for us to learn from each other, share ideas, and think collectively about what practical steps are needed to re-embed the value of integrity in all our work whether we are students, researchers, academics, or professional staff.  With a mixture of keynote presentations, workshops, panels, short papers, and masterclass sessions, we hope to make connections across the themes and build confidence in our communities of practice.

Themes will include:

  • Building a culture of integrity in teaching, learning, and research;
  • Investigating publishing and communication – ethics and integrity;
  • Integrity in assessment and learning design (e.g., assessing the ‘process’ of learning rather than a single ‘product’; assessing critical thinking and application rather than reproduction, etc);
  • Writing and communication as ‘thinking tools’;
  • Reviewing approaches to academic and research misconduct – policies and practices;
  • Combatting falsification and fabrication of research data;
  • Ethical practice in authorship, publication and the use of research metrics;
  • Promoting integrity as a value – in profession, career, life, and society;
  • Identifying technology-related challenges and opportunities for supporting academic and research integrity (e.g., AI assisted tools such as ChatGPT, Google Translate, DALL-E, etc.);
  • Creating student partnerships to enhance a culture of student-led academic integrity;
  • Furthering academic and professional development in ethics and integrity.

We welcome contributions from students, academics, support services, professional bodies, networks, and project teams willing to share their experiences. We invite you to submit an abstract for a presentation, poster or workshop on topics directly related to the themes of the conference, as listed above. Other suggestions are welcome provided they align with the aims and scope of the event.

Submission process

Abstracts for presentations and posters should be no more than 500 words (including any references) and should be submitted by 23:59 (GMT) June 19th.  Presentations will be 10-15 minutes with additional time for questions.

Proposals for workshops of 75 minutes should be 400 – 800 words. For workshop proposals, please provide a clear description of the aims and activities that will be undertaken in the session, how the participants will benefit from the workshop, and whether there are limits in terms of numbers, a requirement for particular equipment, or any other constraints. 

We have a limited number of workshop and presentation slots and we will be seeking a balanced distribution of topics across the programme. In assessing submissions, the programme committee will consider how your work is connected with current literature in the field, its benefit to attendees of the conference, the proposal’s level of innovation, and its relevance to the conference themes.

All submissions will be double-anonymised reviewed and we hope to be able to give you a decision by July 31st.

For more information, access the submissions platform or register your interest to attend please visit: Academic and Research Integrity Conference Ireland 2023 – University of Galway