• A Short Guide to Ethical Editing for New Editors by COPE (2016)7 Pages

    Table of contents: Background/structure, Initial assessment of journal when you take over, Relations with the outgoing editor, Relations with the other editors/editorial board, Relations with authors, Transparency, The submission system, Relationship with reviewers, The peer-review process, Can editors publish in their own journal?, Editorial independence/relation with publisher/journal owner, Commercial issues, Responding to possible misconduct/inappropriate behaviour and dealing with complaints, Closing remarks

  • Manual of Conflicts of Interest by CSIC (2015)50 Pages

    Table of contents: Prologue, Aims and scope of the institutional policy on conflicts of interest, Conflicts of interest. Actual, apparent and potential conflicts, Activities, scenarios and situations that may involve conflicts of interest within CSIC, Implementation of the institutional conflicts of interest policy. Procedures and actions. Body responsible for implementation and oversight, Regulatory framework, Annex

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