Instructions for Poster Presenters

The virtual poster

The virtual poster consists of

  • A traditional poster as a pdf file, size A4
  • A 3-minute video in which the poster presenter elaborates on the important points of the poster. The video can include no more than three PPT slides.


  • You can build the poster around your main points. What, how and why? What information do you want to give to the audience, and what impact do you want your contribution to have?
  • Start with your main point. Is there a problem you have identified or solved? What is your key point in a couple of sentences?
  • Continue to the relevant background information, e.g. methodology, and elaborate on details as you see fit.
  • You can think of the poster video as a pitch that highlights the most important points of your work.

You are welcome to use this ENRIO congress poster template. 

If you use slides in your poster video, please remember that slides packed with information (e.g. large and detailed infographics) may not be easily legible on a computer screen. Depending on the font, a good font size is between 20-24 points for content text  and 26-32 points for titles. We don’t recommend using gifs and other moving images.

You can use the ENRIO2021 template for your PPT presentation.

Name the poster pdf and the poster video as corresponding author’s last name_poster_ENRIO2021.

Making the poster video

Submit the virtual poster  by Monday, 13 September 2021.

How the posters are presented

Each poster presenter has a poster room on the congress platform. The poster rooms are open throughout the event. The audience can visit the poster rooms whenever they want and talk with the presenters using the poster room’s chat function. All congress participants can also contact each other using chat or video call. Time for poster visits is arranged in the programme, but there are no live poster sessions.

The poster presenters are encouraged to be available for discussion during the poster visit schedules, but as the discussions take place in writing, this is not obligatory.

Poster presenters confirm their places in the programme by registering during the early bird period (3 May-30 June).

Updated abstract format

The poster presenters are requested to send updated abstracts that follow this format:

  • Title + the word POSTER
  • Name and organisation of the presenter* and author(s)
  • Abstract text: max. 300 words
  • 0-3 references

Times New Roman, 12 pt, 1,5 line break.

Please establish the practical focus of your work clearly in your abstract.

Email the abstract as a Word or text document (not pdf) by 15 August 2021 to ENRIO2021 at The abstracts will be published on the website.