• Curriculum “Good Scientific Practice” by Gerlinde Sponholz, Josef Leidenfrost (2013)37 Pages

    Provider: Gerlinde Sponholz and Josef Leidenfrost
    Name and contact details for further information: Gerlinde Sponholz, Team Scientific Integrity, sponholz@scientificintegrity.de
    Type of the document: non changeable
    Target group: Academic teachers, all academic discipines
    Short descriptions and recommendations how to use: Short introduction and information about the historical background of teaching RI in Germany. Definition of teaching goals. Recommendations and detailed description of contents and competencies for RI workshops. Resources and links to official documents, case study examples and guidelines. This curriculum was developed on behalf and in cooperation with the German research Ombudsman and the German Research Foundation (DFG).
    Special commentary from the provider: The Curriculum is currently under revision (2019). It would be fine if you can share your experience with this curriculum.

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