• A Guidebook for Teaching Selected Responsible Conduct of Research Topics to a Culturally Diverse Trainee Group by M. Alexander and W. R. Williams73 Pages

    Table of contents: Introduction and Background, Summary of Results from RCR Focus Groups, Small Culturally Diverse Groups for Case-based RCR Instruction: Format and Script, Teaching Materials for Data Management, Sharing, and Ownership, Teaching Materials for Intellectual Property, Teaching Materials for Research Misconduct, Appendix Sources and Resources

  • ORI Casebook, Stories about Researcher worth discussing, Instructor’s Manual54 Pages

    Tables of contents: Foundational issues, Strategies for teaching using cases and reflection questions, Strategies for teaching using role plays, Index Case study pack can be found on: https://ori.hhs.gov/rcr-casebook-stories-about-researchers-worth-discussing

  • ORI Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research by Nicholas H. Steneck (2007)184 Pages

    Table of contents: Part I: Shared Values (Rules of the Road, Research Misconduct), Part II: Planning Research (The Protection of Human Subjects, The Welfare of Laboratory Animals, Conflicts of Interest), Part III: Conducting Research (Data Management Practices, Mentor and Trainee Responsibilities, Collaborative Research), Part IV: Reporting and Reviewing Research (Authorship and Publication, Peer review), Part V: Safe Driving and Responsible Research

  • Developing a Well-Reasoned Response to a Moral Problem in Scientific Research by Muriel J. Bebeau (1995)7 Pages

    With kind permission of Kenneth Pimple. A guideline how to find out and formulate a response to the training cases.

  • Moral Reasoning in Scientific Research. Cases for Teaching and Assessment by Bebeau, et al. (1995)

    With kind permission of Kenneth Pimple. Content: Developing a Well-Reasoned Response to a Moral Problem in Scientific Research, The cases, The response sheets for each case.

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