Welcome to the congress!

The ENRIO 2021 Congress on Research Integrity Practice is an outcome-oriented event that draws from the expertise and interests of the participants. We are excited to welcome research integrity officers, research directors, representatives of funding organisations, members of ethics committees, other research integrity and research ethics experts, and researchers from all over the world who are interested in developing responsible conduct of research.

Expand your networks and join us in the discussion, exploration and development of research integrity practices!

Sanna-Kaisa Spoof

President of ENRIO

Riitta Keiski

Chair of the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK

Ilkka Niemelä

President, Aalto University




The ENRIO 2021 Congress on Research Integrity Practice opens a new European congress series that brings experts together to discuss and develop research integrity practices. The congress takes place online on 27-29 September 2021.

Key topics:

  • implications of open science and data protection laws for research integrity
  • research integrity training
  • research funding and research assessment
  • whistle-blower protection
  • research misconduct
  • research ethics
  • European countries without a national research integrity system