UKRIO: A primer on research involving animals V1.0 

Animals in Research

by Josephine Woodhams (UKRIO)

UKRIO has published a primer document on research integrity in research involving animals.

Written by Dr Nikki Osborne, Responsible Research in Practice, this primer focuses on responsible conduct, good governance and ethical oversight of animal use in research. It complements existing UKRIO guidance referencing animal use in research, as well as the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 and guidance regulating the use of animals in scientific procedures.

It is intended to provide research ethics committees, research staff, and those in research support, research integrity or governance roles with an overview of issues that need to be considered to facilitate a robust approach to good practice in the context of research involving animals. The document is relevant to all research involving the use of live animals, biological materials derived from animals, or animal-derived data. This is because the scientific, ethical and welfare concerns that have underpinned the development of good practice guidelines and standards in this area apply irrespective of legislative requirements.

Research organisations may use this document as a reference tool to aid the review of how best to support the responsible use of animals in research, revise specific policies on animal use in research, develop training material, and/or consider how to manage or resolve potentially controversial aspects associated with research involving animals.

This document will be revised periodically to reflect developments in laboratory animal science, new examples of good practice and additional ‘lessons learned’ from UKRIO’s Advisory Service and other work.

The publication is available to download on UKRIO’s website

UKRIO: A primer on research involving animals V1.0