The UK Government and UK Research and Innovation endorse the work of UKRIO

The UK Government and UK Research and Innovation endorse the work of UKRIO

by Pablo Fernandez (UKRIO)

On 11 July 2018, the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee published its report on research integrity. It explores the scope and impact of problems arising from mistakes, questionable behaviours and misconduct in research, and what might be done to address these issues. The report, along with further information on the inquiry into research integrity, is available on the Committee’s website.

On 13 September 2018, in response to the report on Research Integrity from the Science and Technology Committee, the Government recognised the importance of excellent research and the work of UKRIO in supporting and safeguarding good research practice:

“The Government recognises the important role that UKRIO play in promoting engagement and making clear that public funds should be used with integrity wherever possible to ensure that research is reproducible and reliable. Not all Higher Education Institutions are in receipt of public funding for research but where universities do receive public funding, we will explore with Universities UK (UUK) and UKRIO how we can promote the work of UKRIO as an organisation that furthers good practice in academic, scientific and medical research.”

James Parry, Chief Executive of UKRIO, said:

“We welcome the Government’s recognition of the work of the UK Research Integrity Office. UKRIO has been working with the Government, UK Research & Innovation and others to explore how the Committee’s recommendations might be implemented. We will continue to use our unique expertise to inform UK policy and practice on research integrity.”