Questionable journals and editors: a raising issue?

Questionable journals and editors: a raising issue?

by Philippe Feldmann

The European Code of Conduct on Research Integrity identifies, in addition to direct violations of the good research practices, a few examples of other unacceptable practices including: establishing or supporting journals that undermine the quality control of research (predatory journals).

The rapid increase of such journals, the number of 8 000 is sometimes cited, and the pressure on scientists with proposals to publish rapidly their works, communications, thesis or reports, to hire editors or reviewers, or even to write or rephrase texts to “avoid” plagiarism, raise concern.

As in other areas of research integrity, this “ecosystem” is adapting quickly in a grey zone, with a very attractive and efficient communication, where the economic model may be unclear, the original criteria to describe the so-called “predatory” habit becoming less suitable or even inappropriate.

It is therefore proposed that ENRIO helps tackling this relatively new and hot issue that has already an huge impact.