NRIN Symposium 2019: Research Integrity in Education


27 May 2019


Amsterdam, Netherlands

NRIN Symposium 2019: Research Integrity in Education

Connecting stakeholders in an emerging field

Following the successful research conferences in 2016 and 2018, on the 27th of May NRIN organizes its third one-day conference, this time on research integrity in education. Since it is one of the core focus points to facilitate exchange, mutual learning and collaboration within the field of research integrity, NRIN composed a diverse plenary program, where researchers, lecturers and trainers present their projects, courses and initiatives that foster research integrity from an educational perspective. The plenary program starts at 10:00 (welcome from 9:30) with talks by dr. Behnam Taebi on Research Integrity at the Technical University Delftdr. Fenneke Blom on the Re-design of RI courses for Phd’sdr. Daan Andriessen on Epistemic virtues in practice-based research at Universities of Applied Sciences, Laura Hartman on the VIRT2UE project, and dr. Isabel van der Heiden on the Development of the Dilemma App.

Starting at 13:30, the plenary part is followed by a comprehensive line-up with 2 rounds of 5 interactive, parallel sessions:

1. How to maintain attention for RI in education?
2. What and how to teach permanent staff?
3. Should we teach RI in separate courses, or integrate it into the existing curriculum?
4. Can we use the complaints that the committees deal with as input for courses on RI?
5. Evaluation of courses: how to measure its effects?

Get up to date about research integrity in education; participate in discussions with your colleagues, connect, and get inspired; be there!

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