Commission for Equal Opportunities in Science

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In 2001 the Commission for Women in Science (CWS) has been established as an autonomous expert body of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation.

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Voluntary based

Main Tasks

Public promotion of gender equality in science is a key task of the Commission, which is based on systematic monitoring and eliminating sources of gender discrimination in science, monitoring of indicators of gender equality in science and reflections on the many sources of discrimination in the provision of scientific policy in general.


In 2014 the CWS took the initiative on the national level to implement and promote the “scientific/research ethics and accountability”. The CWS was the force driver in organization of the first international conference entitled »Ethical, Accountability, and Gender Perspectives: New Relations in Science«, which took place on the 19th Sept. 2014 in Ljubljana. The scientific misconduct and unacceptable practices taking place in the Slovenian research environments have been for the first time openly presented and discussed. The important outcome of the conference is the translation of the “Singapore statement” in Slovene and its dissemination at the press conference.


The CWS is proactive in formulating the national guidelines on ethics, organizing the educational courses/events promoting research integrity and constituting the research integrity body on the national level.

Promoting Research Integrity

At the regular events (1 conference per year) and through different channels including the media.


Urša Opara Krašovec

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