Kick-off NERQ network

Kick-off NERQ network

The new international Network for Education in Research Quality (NERQ) invites you to join the kick-off meeting in Brussels in 2023. This network is supported by the European Commision, as a result of several H2020 projects on education and training in fields of research integrity. As initiatives in the fields of research ethics, reproducibility and open science, networks often overlap with trainings and topics in research integrity, and the organisation aims to seek how such overlap can be beneficial in education and training. What joins the NERQ-partners is an interest to reach out to academics and students via education and training, and their aim is to achieve an inspiring learning environment to exchange good practices of teaching and learning, to help increase the quality of trainings and stimulate research on the impact and learning effects of trainings.

The worshops/parallel sessions cover the following topics:

  • open science;
  • diversity, equality and inclusion in research
  • training supervisors and group leaders;
  • automated text production: challenges and opoortunities of research quality;
  • curriculum of responsible (conduct of) research;
  • education on research methodology;
  • early career researchers (ECR);
  • RI and OS in transdisciplinary research;
  • research on education;
  • teaching/training to school children and teachers;
  • research on leadership in RI/RE and OS.

For this first (annual) meeting, NERQ invites those who are interested in these topics to join the network in this hybrid session. Moreover, the organization explicity stimulates the on-site meeting with peers in the field (note: registration for on site attendance is possible until February 2nd): it will be a great opportunity to get to know each other better and exchange our experiences.

The program is available in PDF.

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