Farewell of the old ENRIO board

Farewell of the old ENRIO board

Since my election as Chair in 2012 our informal network ENRIO has gained much more visibility, it has grown and became more professionalized. For all this reasons I decided that support in form of a board is needed and chose Torkild Vinther (Norway) and Asael Rouby (Luxembourg) as two excellent Vice-Chairs when I was re-elected in 2015.

ENRIO is today recognized as a key player in the field of RI. In the Draft Council Conclusions on research integrity (2015) of the Council of the European Union the Member States and the Commission are invited to promote ENRIO. ENRIO and its members took part in diverse initiatives on the European level such as the Science Europe WG on RI or as stakeholders in the revision of the European Code of Conduct by ALLEA (2017). We have also been active at the global level with participation at the WCRIs with e.g. an ENRIO session (3rd WCRI Montreal) and set up links across the Atlantic with ARIO, the US network on RI in 2013. Since then we also got in contact with the African RI network (ARIN) and the Asia-Pacific RI network (APRI) and recently discuss the possibility of global networking.

In 2016 ENRIO became a partner network of the European Network of Research Ethics and Integrity (ENERI). The EU funding enabled us to organize and finance general meetings in countries without national infrastructure on research integrity where we tried to raise awareness for our “mission” amongst stakeholders. At that time we also started to cooperate on a more structured basis for concrete deliverables and implemented working groups on RI training, investigation and protection of whistleblowers. We did a survey amongst our members to map structures, important documents and activities which is currently summarized and enriched with more concrete information in personal interviews. By the end of the year we plan to publish a Handbook of Recommendations on Research Ethics and Research Integrity which includes ENRIO’s recommendations for procedures for handling allegations of research misconduct.

Last but not least a new website was established and newsletters were regularly disseminated, the website not only comprises a lot of information but also gave ENRIO a more personal appearance of our members outwards. During the last years the board has also been active in social media (via Twitter and LinkedIn) and gained more visibility for ENRIO. Thanks to collective financing by ENRIO members we have also been able to develop a logo, buy the domain name (enrio.eu) and register the ENRIO trademark at European level.

ENRIO is today recognized for the collective knowledge and expertise of our members which enables us to present a unique vision of our common understanding of the importance of RI.

We wish all the best to our members, the new chair Sanna Kaisa Spoof and the future board!

Nicole Foeger, Asael Rouby and Torkild Vinther