EU project: EnTIRE


In response to more awareness about questionable research practices and scientific misconduct in research, the field of Research Ethics (RE) and Research Integrity (RI) is rapidly growing and gaining in importance with the establishment of new codes, regulations and laws. This results in an increasingly complex and fragmented regulatory landscape. Researchers are in need of up-to-date, easily understandable and useful information on relevant RE+RI regulations, how they should be applied in practice, which tools might promote good research practices, and where to look for support and advice.

The goal of EnTIRE is to develop an on-line, open source Wiki based platform, designed by and for the RE+RI community: The Embassy of Good Science.

The ambition of this community based initiative is to make the RE+RI normative framework accessible, foster active participation of the scientific community, and support the quality of science by making knowledge and experience in RE+RI available and useable.

The platform will ideally become a virtual public space, an open “Embassy”, where users can share experiences and find tools to improve their own and their institution’s practices, but also for both Junior and senior scientists to ask questions and find educational material.

Through a commitment to open source and open data approaches the EnTIRE consortium aims at building a dynamic, customer-tailored, up-to date, sustainable, user-friendly on-line platform.

The Embassy of Good Science, will be designed to become a sort of RE+RI Wikipedia, which will be continuously updated by the constant involvement of its users. For this reason the EnTIRE project will create 1) an appealing, useful, high-quality, user-friendly platform, and 2) a community of users and of Ambassadors, which will guarantee the long lasting survival of the platform after the end of the project.

The Embassy of Good Science will be online in the beginning of 2019, and available for try-out at the WCRI meeting in Hong Kong. Stay tuned!