ENRIO meeting

Rome (Italy), 11 April 2018


11 April 2018


Rome, Italy


Nicole Foeger, Austria

Cinzia Caporale, Italy
National Research Council (CNR)


ENRIO meeting Rome

On 11th of April 2018 ENRIO held its bi-annual meeting in Rome. Nicole Foeger (ENRIO chair) welcomed the participants and thanked Cinzia Caporale (CNR) for hosting this meeting. For the first time over 40 participants from 23 member countries took part in the meeting.

In her presentation Cinzia Caporale (CNR) focused on the progress of research integrity made in Italy in the last years and presented future plans.

The National Science Center (Poland) and the Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovakia) were welcomed as new ENRIO members. More information about the new members can be found on https://www.enrio.eu/members/.

Michele Leduc (Member of the Scientific Integrity Council (CSI) of the French Office for Integrity in Science (OFIS)) gave a presentation about scientific integrity in France with the creation of the French Office for Research Integrity (OFIS). The tasks of OFIS will be an observatory for the implementation of the National Charter for Research Integrity, a place for national coordination and impulse for research integrity and a platform of reflection. More information about OFIS can be found on https://www.enrio.eu/news-activities/creation-french-office-integrity-science-ofis/.

The European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) was presented by Tomasz Foltynek (ENAI). The purpose of ENAI is to encourage higher education institutions to work together in the field of academic integrity. Find more information about ENAI on https://www.enrio.eu/news-activities/european-network-academic-integrity-enai/.

The Asia Pacific Research Integrity network (APRI) and the African Research Integrity Network (ARIN) were introduced by Zoë Hammat. Both networks are emerged in response to a need for exchanging ideas and information across a geographic region. More information about both networks can be found on https://www.enrio.eu/news-activities/international-integrity-networks-apri-arin/.

Dorian Karatzas (European Commission) spoke about the importance of research integrity in science and gave an overview about the actual and planned EU-funded Horizon 2020 projects on research integrity.

Furthermore, the members heard an update on the EU-Project European Network of Research Ethics and Research Integrity (ENERI) from Nicole Foeger (Chair of ENRIO).

In his presentation “Ethics Experts Database” Panagiotis Kavouras (NTUA, ENERI project partner) provided information about the establishment of a database for experts in RE&RI with sustainable e-tools integrated in SINAPSE to promote a better exchange of expertise.

The New General Data Protection Regulation and the challenges for ENRIO member organizations were discussed by Asael Rouby (FNR).

In the afternoon session, internal working groups worked on the topics: Training, Investigation and Whistleblowing.