ENRIO meeting

Split (Croatia), 21 - 22 September 2008


21 - 22 September 2008


Split, Croatia

“Vijecnica” hall, School of Medicine, Split University, Soltanska 2, Split


Sunday 21 September 2008

  • Dinner

Monday 22 September 2008 9:00 till 16:30 p.m.

  • Welcome and Brief Introductions Tour de table and apologies
  • Session I:
    • Notes from Croatia
  • Notes on the first meeting, 11 March 2008
    • Topics discussed:
    • Sharing cases information nationally and internationally
    • Issues associated with informed consent
    • Access to research data policies/national best practice
  • Session II:
    • Outcome of the ECARI proposal and plans for WP3
    • Discussion of the future of the Network
    • Participation in the ESF Members Organisation Forum on Research Integrity
  • Session III:
    • Continued discussion of the role of the network
    • Report of the OECD initiative
    • Discussion of the new issues proposed
  • Session IV: continued
    • Discussion of the new issues proposed
  • Session V:
    • Any other Business and future plans, subsequent acitivities


Issues for discussion:

Session II: Should ENRIO continue and what sort of work might the group take forward what relationship should it have with other organisations?

  • formal or informal
  • wider membership
  • should ENRIO present the meetings deliberations in Madrid
  • should ESF mandate ENRIO so it could be the Rl-instance of the ESF


Session IV: – New issues proposed for discussion

  • Training of all researches
    • Mentoring of new researchers
  • Mobility issues on standards
  • Plaqiarism
  • National/international data-base of research misconduct case overt or anonymised
    • How to do investigations – practical discussions
  • lnteraction of researches and the media