ENRIO meeting

Copenhagen (Denmark), 2 February 2011


2 February 2011


Copenhagen (Denmark)



Nicole Foeger, Austria


Charlotte Elverdam (DCSC), Denmark



Tuesday 2 February 2011

  • Opening, welcome and adoption of the agenda
  • Presentation by vice-chair Charlotte Elverdam of the position and tasks of the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty
  • Status for actions, ref. Minutes of the General Meeting in Bern, June 2010
  • Introduction by the new participants and short presentation about their position and their organisation
  • Discussions about the Preliminary Report ofthe ENRIO Working Group on Plagiarism
  • Discussions about possible tasks/activities by ENRIO and/or its members with respect to:
    • The European Code of Conduct of the ESF and ALLEA
    • The Report of the Member Forum on research integrity of theESF (in particular the proposed cooperation between the ESF and ENRIO aimed at building and maintaining a European database on Research Integrity)
    • The Third World Conference on Research Integrity in early 2013
  •  Members’ Corner: sharing information on recent local/national cases on research misconduct, new initiatives promoting research integrity, new legislation, relevant policy matters etc.
  • The next General Meeting: where and when and proposals for agenda items, agreement on (new) activities.