Country reports of ENRIO member countries on ENRIO website

Per 20 May 2019: Country reports of ENRIO member countries on ENRIO website

by Grace van Arkel (ENERI)

On 20 May 2019, the country reports of the ENRIO member countries were published on the website of ENRIO ( More than 20 country reports give an overview of the diverse national institutional structures on research integrity (in progress) in Europe, with its similarities and differences. The country reports were drafted according to the same format for countries with a national established structure on research integrity on the one hand, and those without on the other hand. The country reports answer important questions e.g. on the national situation, assessment framework, mission, authority, composition, scope and remit, procedure, definition of research misconduct, decisions and appeal, and transparency of those countries with an established national structure on research integrity. In addition, on the national situation, initiatives taken and recent developments of those countries without a national structure on research integrity.

The country reports are partly based on the results of an ENRIO Questionnaire that was established by Bert Seghers, Co-Chair of ENRIO’s Working Group Mapping, and on public information gathered by Grace van Arkel, Chair of ENRIO’s Working Group Mapping. The latter drafted the country reports under guidance of Nicole Foeger, former Chair of ENRIO and responsible for the ENERI project within ENRIO. ENRIO member (country) in question can be contacted for further information on the national structure on research integrity concerned.

The development of the country reports was financed by the Horizon 2020 project ENERI (European Network of Research Ethics and Research Integrity) under the Grant agreement Nr. 710184.