5th Intern. Conference Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond


19 - 21 June 2019


Vilnius, Lithuania

Conference description

Two sister conferences – the 5th international conference Plagiarism Across Europe and Beyond and the 3rd international conference Shaping Ethics in Academia and Society – aim to be a forum for sharing best practices and experiences by addressing issues of academic integrity and business ethics as well as contributing to relevant managerial solutions, such as governance ethics, sustainability and social responsibility. The conference brings together several prominent names in the field of academic integrity and business ethics from all over the world. With regards to the crucial role of ethics and honesty in academic work and workplace, universities and business sector are in need of more effective policies against diverse misbehavior.

Plagiarism Across Europe and Beyond is jointly organized by Mykolas Romeris UniversityMendel University in Brno, and the European Network for Academic Integrity and is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


Conference Theme

Regular (oral) conference presentations and workshops are welcome in the following topics related to (but not limited to) an education, research and scholarship setting:

  • Making an effective university ethics infrastructure (including research and development on how to address honest errors)
  • Teaching effective strategies to encourage academic integrity and prevent academic misconduct
  • Ethical issues in business and their influence on academia
  • Ethical issues in academia and their influence on business
  • Challenges in research integrity (including identifying and eliminating or reducing questionable research practices, role of publishers in enforcing ethics)
  • Addressing contract cheating (including legal practices)
  • International and national projects related to academic and research integrity
  • Using e-tools and technologies for addressing academic misconduct
  • Ethical leadership in academia and society
  • Social responsibility within and beyond academia
  • Sustainable high education and higher education
  • Ethics in humanities and social research
  • Linkage between academic and professional ethics
  • Ethics in cross-sector collaboration
  • Ethical concerns in citizen science

Source: http://academicintegrity.eu/conference/


More information can be found on 5th Conference Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond.