3rd Intern. Conference Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond


24 - 26 May 2017


Brno, Czech Republic

3rd International Conference Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond

Conference description

The international conference Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond aims to be a forum for sharing best practices and experience with addressing academic integrity issues. There will be several invited keynote speakers, as well as presentations of researchers from all around the world, whose papers will pass peer review process.

Academic integrity is becoming more and more important topic in higher education across Europe. Many universities are looking for effective policies, electronic detection tools and methods of prevention. Broad discussion, understanding cultural differences and experience exchange is needed and worth to support.

The conference is jointly organized by Mendel University in Brno, European Network for Academic Integrity and Council of Europe.

Conference Topics

Research papers, synopsis, posters and workshops are welcome in following areas:

  • Best practices and strategies for awareness, prevention, detection of academic misconduct
  • Innovation in use of e-tools and technologies for addressing plagiarism
  • Internationalisation, student mobility and academic integrity
  • National and local projects about academic integrity
  • Contract cheating including ghost-writing and essay mills

The information is gathered from the official conference website  Conference Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond.