Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR)

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The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) is the main funder of research activities in Luxembourg. We invest public funds and private donations into research projects in various branches of science and the humanities, with an emphasis on selected core strategic areas. Furthermore, we support and coordinate activities to strengthen the link between science and society and to raise awareness for research. We also advise the Luxembourg government on research policy and strategy.

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The FNR is a public institution created by statute (Law of 31 May, 1999) and enjoys legal capacity and full administrative and financial autonomy. Our overall strategy is laid down in a 4-year contract with the Luxembourg Government, which also defines our budget appropriation.

Main Tasks

The FNR aims to be a driving force for Luxembourg’s innovation capabilities and focuses on the following three strategic objectives to foster research with impact:
Attaining scientific leadership in key areas : By setting the highest quality standards, we contribute to establishing international research excellence in Luxembourg. By attracting and training the most talented scientists, we help to build critical mass in key research areas, thereby supporting economic development and societal progress.
Turning public research into a competitive advantage for Luxembourg : We support the advancement of Luxembourg’s knowledge-based economy by supporting industry-informed research, by reinforcing co-operation between public research and innovative industries and by facilitating the commercial exploitation of research results.
Anchoring science and research in society: We promote the active involvement of researchers and scientists in addressing current and future societal challenges. To ensure that research is established sustainably in the public consciousness as an important pillar of Luxembourg’s knowledge society, we support an active exchange between scientists and the public at large.


The FNR embraces a two pronged approach in ensuring that FNR funded research is being conducted following the good practices.


The FNR takes an active role in preventing research misconduct and has put in place mechanisms to detect and deal with suspected cases of misconduct committed by researchers applying for or benefitting from FNR funding. The FNR handles cases of research misconduct suspicions according to international best practices.

The FNR will investigate alleged cases of research misconduct and potentially issue sanctions following the process laid out below.

  • All alleged cases of research misconduct which are detected (during project monitoring, information by third parties, with the use of plagiarism detection software, etc.) will be investigated confidentially by the FNR with the support of the FNR’s Permanent Commission on Research Integrity.
  • This commission is composed of three independent experts with recognized experience in dealing with questions of research integrity which reports directly to the FNR’s Board. It provides FNR with recommendations on how to handle each case which are subsequently endorsed by the Board. Confirmed research misconduct may result in rejection of projects, time bound exclusion from submitting projects to the FNR etc.

Promoting Research Integrity


The FNR considers that information and guidance are key in order to avoid research misconduct to happen. Therefore the FNR includes a section on research misconduct in its information sessions on the respective instruments and makes the present guide on Research Integrity in the Framework of FNR Funding publically available. Furthermore, FNR expects that all eligible institutions have in place clear ethical guidelines and good practice procedures (including training for all researchers) designed to manage FNR-funded research under their responsibility.


Asaël Rouby

Legal Advice, Research Integrity Officer

Maison du Savoir
2, avenue de l’Université
L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette
Postal Address: B.P. 1777 I L-1017 Luxembourg

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