Croatian Committee on Ethics in Science and Higher Education (CESHE)

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The Croatian Committee on Ethics in Science and Higher Education (CESHE) was founded in 2005, by the Law on Science and Higher Education adopted by the Croatian Parliament. The Committee has nine members appointed by the Parliament for the term of 4 years, being administratively supported by the staff of Agency from Science and Higher Education. The members are appointed from university professors and researchers from public institutes, across different fields of expertise. The work of the Committee is financed through the national budget.

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Main Tasks

By the Law, CESHE is responsible for

(i) judging the alleged cases of research misconduct occurring in the public research and higher education system in Croatia and being submitted to the Committee, and

(ii) promoting of ethical principles in science and higher education. The alleged research misconduct cases are judged with respect to the CESHE Code of Research Ethics and the respective codes of public universities and research institutes, which by law should be compliant to the CESHE Code. In addition, CESHE has an authority to provide public statements on research integrity misconduct and breaking of the Code by public research institutions (universities, faculties and research institutes).


The investigations are carried out after the alleged cases are submitted by individuals or organizations or their ethical committees to CESHE. Then, the CESHE Chair verifies the alleged case in respect to the CESHE Code of Research Ethics and CESHE Rules of Procedure and presents the case to the CESHE members. Each alleged case is then taken by one CESHE member, who serves as a rapporteur to the CESHE. The rapporteur report is then discussed on regular CESHE sessions and the statement about the case is reached by majority of votes of CESHE members. If the expertise of CESHE members is not satisfactorily to judge the case, external expert members may be appointed.

CESHE is not the decision making body and is providing opinions on the processed cases on research misconduct. The decision on measures and sanctions coming out of CESHE statements is done by legal institutions on which the researcher/professor/other is employed.


Martina Francetic Durasevic

Agency for Science and Higher Education
Donje Svetice 38/5
10000 Zagreb - Croatia

+385 1 6274 873

Ivica Vilibic

CESHE Representative to ENRIO

Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries
Setaliste I. Mestrovica 63
21000 Split - Croatia

+385 21 408048