One of the main aims of ENRIO is to exchange information and to learn from each other. One of the means of doing this is by having a General Meeting one or two times  per year. The Agendas of all Meetings can be found here including the the Agenda of the very first Meeting in early 2008. Members of ENRIO also participate in numerous international meetings including those, organised by international organisations such as the ESF, the EU and Science Europe.

Members of ENRIO have been present at all of the World Conferences on Research Integrity (Lisbon 2007, Singapore 2010, Montreal 2013 and Rio de Janeiro 2015). 

ENRIO Meeting Ljubljana 2016
Agenda Ljubljana 14-15 April 2016
ENRIO meeting Athens 2015
Agenda Athens 26-27 November 2015
The 4th World Conference on Research Integrity 2015
ENRIO Luxembourg 21-22 April 2015
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